Ice B – Jabosi (Prod. J Smith)

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Renowned producer J Smith provides a brilliant backdrop for protégé Ice B‘s latest track, Jabosi.

Ice B – Jabosi (Prod. J Smith)

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The Invicible Monster 1

The monster ravaging the society which everyone seems to be carefree about is the ‘INTERNET’
This agent of civillization which in no doubt has positive inpact on the society,has a more devastating effect on the society like:ponography,cyber crimes to mention but a few has the most productive ratio of the worlds population undeq it’s claws it deals most greatly with the trendy youth it is however astonishing how far many youths can go in order to posses gadgets that can access the internet after a sovey of the time spent on the internet by youths it was found that an average of 6hours could be spent on the internet by a youth every day surfing the web and downloading explicit contents.But there is need for parents and service providers to check and protect devices from accessing such contents
Together we can stop this MONSTER

My Fears and Dreams as a youth

the things i fear most are that i have spent most of my life without setting my priorities and it has dawned on me to do more than wake up but decided to take over my destiny and face the consequences of my actions my story may sound funny,tragic or inspiring but i want the last feature to be the case because every youth has an oppurtunity to make his teens days to be fulfilled by not giving in to what your peers may say just be different positively by making sure that you are the best i had the oppurtunity to be the best but i gave in to pride and ego and i missed every thing

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